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About the organizer

The Association of Blind Citizens in Bosnia and Herzegovina

The Association of Blind Citizens in Bosnia and Herzegovina is non-gavernmental, non-political and non-profitable organization. It gathers blind people, their local and entities organizations, their friends and institutions for the blind from entire country (from Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Republic of Srpska) for the joint sake of working on improving situation of the blind, making the social conditions for their integration in all area of the social life.

It was founded 2002 and registrated by the Ministry of Justice on 30th April 2003 under the number RU92/03. The former organization of theblind ceaced its work during the unfortunate war from 1992. to 1995.

As the umbrella organization, it promote and protect the interests and rights of blind and partially sighted people representing them towards the state authorities, governmental and non-governmental organizations and institutions. The highest authority of the organization is Association's Assembly, and the managing body is the Board. The Association has the president and two vice presidents from each of 3 constitutional ethnic groups in Bosnia and Herzegovina, who rotate, changing the functions every 16 months. The structure of Assembly and Board is balanced too, according to both national and territorial principle of participation.

The main goals of the organization are following:

Until now we have had some scarce results. So we can not be satisfied with achievements in promoting and protecting interests and rights of the blind and visually impaired, because their situation is extremely bad. They are mostly poor, socialy marginalized, discriminated, passive, uneducated, unemployed etc. The reasons for that are of objective nature and they lay in the unfortunete war and political, economic and social crisis for a long time. But it is consequence of the weak influence because of unsignificant material and human resources of the umbrella organization too. Its work is reduced only on several leaders who, thereto, have very little material means and chronic lack of facilities and funding. Therefore our organization actually needs a genuin financial support to enstrengthen itself. Concrete to aquire the basic equipment, to engage necessary educated and commited stuff, empower and motivate wider circle of the potential activists (especially women and youth) to revide and adjust its organizing structure to involve and engage all them. This is the purpose we wish to reach through implementing some apropriate project. For that we have enough number of people who have rich experiences, knoledge and needed skils, but helpful it could be, the relationships of colaboration with other organizations of the civil society we have estavlished and bilt through years of our work.



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